My teachings and journey so far

2021 - 2023: Tantric healing

2023: Full body De-armouring practicioner training the gaia method

2022: Non violence communication training

2022: EFT (Emotional freedom technique) practicioner basic training

2022: Shamanic regression & ancestral healing

2022: Yoni steaming

2022: Women sweatlodge facilitator

2021 : BRTT (body remembers trauma therapy) facilitator training

2021: Breathwork trauma release facilitator training

2020: BIA doula training

2020: 9 initations Munay ki facilitator

2020: Rite of the womb Munay ki initation facilitator

2019: 200h Vinyasa yoga teacher training thrive yoga Amsterdam

2011: Shamanic healer Shu'em sjamanisme facilitator training

2010: Bachelor of dance Amsterdam school of arts gratuation

2009 - 2011: HUESA Human universal energy and spirituality level 1-5

1990 - 2023: Self practice

About me

experiencing, embodying and transmitting

7 years ago, I felt that the time had come to choose a life without self-destruction. Before I wanted to be initiated into motherhood, I stopped everything I had been doing up until that point. Dancing, modeling, DJing, drinking, drugs, coffee, cigarettes, everyting.

I have always led a double life, because alongside the behaviors stemming from trauma, I have always followed my soul's path on the spiritual plane. This part I kept to myself, hidden, safe, vulnerable. Until the moment arrived and the call became too strong.

I was born with the gift to see the person behind the eyes and masks. In the past, this was a burden as it often confused me. Nowadays, it has become a powerful tool in my sessions to truly see someone.

Throughout the sessions and journeys, I am guided and aided by my intuition and ancestral knowledge.

I follow the path of: experiencing, embodying, and transmitting.

My journey towards self-healing is never complete, and the more I come to know myself on a deeper layer, the more I can guide you through all your layers as well.